Matlab is a programming language that can delight his power. Used every day by thousands of engineers in hundreds of companies and public institutions, has become an integral part of our work. There are a huge amount of additional libraries for Matlab (some of them had became a part of the standard libraries of Matlab language) which allow the use of Matlab language in almost every area of ​​life - from financial analysis, calculating, designing and making a diagnostics of follow up system using fuzzy logic methods and adaptive learning, through design and simulation of neural networks, and ending on solving various problems of the Finite Element Method. Matlab has interesting possibilities - enormous amount of useful toolbox and interesting syntax of the language itself.

Joy of using Matlab in daily work, unfortunately limits its own development environment - the convenience of service differs significantly from that to which they are programmers accustomed every day creating in Visual Studio. However, the time has come to change that. The project aims to popularize the language Matlab by creating tools that will take programming in Matlab on a "higher level", providing so far unprecedented convenience and comfort.

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